Banyan Realty Advisors [BRA] was formed in 1995 to offer consulting services to public and private owners of real estate seeking acquisition, development and/or disposition or asset management assistance with respect to property holdings and investments. As a division of Banyan Realty Group, BRA provides a wide range of real estate asset management services available to help meet the goals and objectives of real estate owners that include, but are not limited to:

  • Quantitative/qualitative assessment of proposed acquisitions/ developments and/or existing portfolio assets including recommended courses of action and exit strategies

  • Land entitlement

  • Acquisition of improved/unimproved investment real estate assets

  • Creation and coordination of new marketing programs to lease and/or sell existing real estate assets

  • Financing

  • Due Dilligence

  • Project development of land holdings

  • Build-to-suit development



Banyan Realty Advisors

25231 Paseo de Alicia, Suite 120

Laguna Hills, CA 92653.

tel: 949.495.3600

fax: 949.495.3611